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DEKKO JT 2133 Digital Coating Thickness Gauge
DEKKO JT 2133 Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

Measuring Range : 0-1800 micron milimeter
Accuracy : ± ( 3% H+ 1)
Resolution : 0.1 / 1 micron milimeter
Power : 9V Battery
Backlight Display : Yes
Low Battery Indicator : Yes
System Accuracy Adjustment, Zero Point & Two Point Calibration
Single & Continuous Measuring Mode Option
Single & Group Data Store and Delete
Max/ min Data Recording
Average/ Standard Deviation Recording
Measure In Imperial/ Metric
Auto Power Shut Off

DEKKO JT 2300 Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Thickness Gauges

Auto Calibration to assure accuracy
Auto linear compensation
Quick adjustment
Coupling status indication
10 thickness measuring storage, and recall function
12 sound velocity for different material
Low battery indication
More than 10, 000 time long lift key
Special memory that retains all of its setting even when the power is off

Display : 4 digital LCD
Minimum Display : 0.1 mm
Work Frekwency : 5 Mhz
Measuring Range : 1.2mm to 225.0 mm on steel
Minimum Limit tube measuring : ¦ 20 x 3 mm steel
Accuracy : ± 1% + 0.1mm
Sound velocity range : 1, 000 to 9, 900 m/ s
Operating temperature : 0º C to 40º C
Power Supply : 3 x 1.5Volt AAA Battery
Size : 70.0 x 145.5 x 28mm

ELCOMETER 456F/NF Coating Thickness Gauge
ELCOMETER 456F/NF Coating Thickness Gauge

Battery Life 30 - 40 hours continuous use with alkaline dry batteries. ( 15, 000 - 20, 000 readings at an average of 8 readings per minute) . Minimum Substrate Thickness 300µ m ( 12 mils) unless special calibration adjustment is made. Measurement Options Ferrous ( F), Non Ferrous ( NF) and Dual Ferrous and Non Ferrous ( FNF) .
Operating Temperature : 0 - 50° C ( 32 - 120° F)

Dimensions : 128 x 68 x 28mm ( 5.0" x 2.7" x 1.1" )
Weight : ( incl. Dry Batteries) 130g ( 4.58oz)
Battery Type : 2 x AAA ( LR03) Rechargeable batteries can be used
Display : STN Graphics ( LCD) , 128 x 64 pixels; 19.8 x 39.6mm ( 0.78" x 1.56" )

TIME TT 230 Coating Thickness Gauge
TIME TT 230 Coating Thickness Gauge

This N type Probe measures the thickness of nonmagnetic coatings on non-magnetic metals. It is used on the films of anodizing, varnish, paint, enamel, plastic coatings, powder, etc. applied to aluminum, brass, non-magnetic stainless steel etc.
• Integrated probe N

• Eddy current measuring principle
• Digital display gives exact reading with no guessing or errors
• Two measurement mode: Single and Continuous
• Wide measuring range and high resolution
• Metric/ Imperial readings, in mils and microns
• Up to 50 mils ( 1250 microns)
• Any insulating coating on non-ferrous conductible substrates
• The use of durable, long-lasting components, including a strong, light weight ABS-plastic body assures maintenance free performance for years.
• Automatic calculation: Mean/ Max./ Min./ No./ S.Dev
• Automaticly shut off
• Real time or batch printing with TA220S printer
Measuring range: 0-1250um ( 50 mil)

Minimum resolution: 1um
Measuring accuracy Mean uncertainty zero point calibration +/-(3% H+ 1um) H=nominal value
Operating temperature: 0-45C
Dimensions: 150x53x22mm
Power source: 2x3.6V NiMH Rechargeable batteries
Weight: 120g
Switch off method Automatic
Humidity: < 95%
Optional Device: External Printer

ELECTROPHYSIC MINITEST 600 Paint Thickness Gauge
ELECTRO PHYSIC MINITEST 600 Paint Thickness Gauge

The gauge is especially designed for use in the field and on shop floors for industrial corrosion prevention. Readings as well as statistical values can be documented with the portable Miniprint data printer.
Measuring range : Type F ( steel) : 120 mils / 0… 3000¼ m
Type N ( NE-metal) : 80 mils / 0… 2000¼ m
Type FN ( universal probe) : see F and N
Tolerance : 0.08 mils ( ± 2¼ m) or ± 2… 4%
Min. curvature radius : 5mm / 0.2" convex 25mm / 1" concave
Min. measuring area : Ø 20mm / 0.8"
Min. base thickness : 0.5mm / 20 mils
Display : 4-digit screen data 1/ 2” character display w/ backlight
Measuring units : ¼ m - mils user selectable
Calibration : standard, one-point, two-point
Statistics : x, standard deviation, n ( max 9.999) , min, max
Interface : RS 232 C ( statistical model only)
Power supply : 2 alkaline AA ( for over 10, 000 readings)
Dimensions : Gauge: 2.56" x 4.6" x 1" ( 64mm x 115mm x 25mm)
Probe : 0.6" dia. x 2.5" ( 15mm dia. x 62mm)

MITECH MT150 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
MITECH MT150 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges are designed to improve safety and ensure reliability of material subject to corrosion or erosion. Corrosion gauges with their dual-element transducers are the primary inspection tool used to measure the remaining walls of components such as pipelines, pressure vessels, storage tanks, and numerous other applications.
Precision gauges use single-element transducers to provide the thinnest range and highest degree of accuracy possible. Common applications include metals and a variety of non-metals ( i.e. glass, ceramic, plastic, etc.)


Measuring Range 0.75mm-300mm( in steel)
Sound Velocity 1000~ 9999 m/ s
Resolution 0.1mm
Units mm/ inch ( selectable)
Memory 20 groups ( 100 files / group)
Accuracy ± ( 0.5% Thickness+ 0.04 ) mm
Alarm preset upper and lower limit
Work voltage 3V( 2 AA alkaline battaries)
Work mode Single point and scan
Interface port RS232
Dimensions 150mm* 74mm* 33mm
Weight 245g
Display LCD with backlight
Continuous working period 100 hours ( with backlight off)

KGE Inspection Technologies DM5E DL Thickness Gauge With Data Recorder
GE Inspection Technologies DM5E DL Thickness Gauge With Data Recorder

The DM5E Series comes in a rugged housing and ergonomically designed with a weight of just 223g, including its AA batteries, which allow up to 60 hours of operation. The basic version is specified to EN 15317 and features an LCD, which is backlit to be visible in all lighting conditions. Instrument operation is carried out with one hand via a user-friendly interface.
This is a sealed, watertight and dust-proof membrane keypad, which features a minimum of function keys and arrow keys. Navigation through menus is simple and intuitive. The basic version incorporates a wide range of features including Min/ Max capture, B-Scan generation, alarms and differential thickness measurement to allow instant comparison between measured and nominal thickness.
The DM5E

Incorporates DUAL MULTI operating mode. This invaluable feature provides measuring thickness of metal through coatings. There is no need to remove the coating at the measuring point, saving time and money.

Incorporates datalogger supporting grid style data file formats. This is capable of holding up to 50, 000 readings. Files can be transferred to a PC by means of a Mini USB Com port or imported directly into Microsoft Excel through a macro. All alphanumeric data for filenames and notes is directly entered via the key pad.

TIME TT 130 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
TIME TT 130 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

• Portable size and easy operation
• Suitable for any metallic and non-metallic materials ultrasonic can go through
• Self-compensating of nonlinearity function is supplied for correction of pickup nonlineasity
• 10 measuring values can be recorded for TT100, TT110, TT130; 100 measuring values can be recorded for TT140
• optional 2.5MHz, 5MHz and 7MHz transducers are available
• Clear 4-Digit LCD display with backlight
• 5 pre-set sound velocities for repeating applications
• mm / inch selectable
• TT100, TT130 and TT140 are suitable for thickness testing of various materials with sound speed range 1000-9999m/ s
• TT110 and TT120 are easy-operation models with only two keys suitable for thickness testing of steel
• TT120: high-temperature model
• TT140: with backlight display and the memory reach up to 99

TIME TT500 A SCAN Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
TIME TT 500 A SCAN Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Features Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TT-500:
A-Scan display for waveform verification

    Wide thickness range (0.75-508mm)
    Echo-echo mode to determine the distance excluding the coating between two echoes
    Min. and Max. mode
    Two Alarm modes: Standard High-Low and Previous thickness
    Two Differential modes: Thickness difference between actual measuring and reference value. Percent difference between actual measuring and reference value
    Large memory for up to 100 A-scan graphs and 10000 thickness values
    Manual gain adjustment/auto gain selectable
    Large backlit LCD display
Applications :

    • Thickness control of pressure pipelines

    • Monitoring of wall thickness of vessels
    • Thickness measuring of pressure vessels
    • Corrosion check of ocean vessels
    • Routine maintenance of steel structures
    • Quality control of forged and casting parts
Technical Specification Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TT-500:

    Measuring range : 0.75-508.00mm

    Sound speed : 1000-9999m/s
    Scanning mode : A scan
    Gain range : 20-70db step: 1db
    Rectification : Positive half wave, negative wave, full wave, and RF
    Testing mode : Standard mode: testing from primary pulse to the first echo, Testing between two echoes
    Resolution : Standard: 0.01 low:0.1
    Memory : 100 A scan graphs and 10000 thickness values in 100 groups
    Communication : RS232 port to PC or printer
    Tolerance (steel) :
A) when the selected resolution is 0.01mm and they thickness is H
B) when the resolution is 0.01mm and the thickness H>10mm, the tolerance is = (0.5% H 0.01mm) max.
C) when the resolution is 0.1mm the tolerance is = (1% H 0.1mm) max.
Pulse frequency : 1KHz

Protection class : IP54

Main unit

Transducer 5PØ10
Protection case
Instruction manual
Warranty card
Calibration certificate

Transducers for special applications

Transducer 7MHz 6
Transducer 5MHz 10
Transducer 5MHz 10/90
Transducer 2MHz 18
USB cable
Communication software

TIME TT300 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge - Alat Survey
TIME TT 300 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

• Advanced handheld ultrasonic thickness gauge
• Suitable for most metallic and non-metallic materials ultrasonic can go through
• Auto-calibration of zero point, correction of system error
• Display current thickness or minimum thickness ( menu selectable)
• Upper-lower limits setting and sound alarm
• Memory of 500 stored values
• Two point calibration for high accuracy
• Display resolution 0.1mm/ 0.01mm selectable
• Display in mm or inch
• Large LCD display with adjustable backlight
• Low battery indicator
• TT300: Equipped with RS232 interface for communication with printer and PC with optional software. 5P $ 10 transducer for normal purpose and optional TSTU32 transducer for casting iron.
• TT300A: can be used with high frequency transducer for thickness testing of thin work piece, and auto-calibration is availabel
• TT310: Economical model with easy operation
• TT320: high-temperature model with range up to 300 
• TT340: equipped with TSTU32 transducer for casting iron

TIME TT260 Coating Thickness Gauge - Alat Survey
TIME TT 260 Coating Thickness Gauge

Coating thickness gauges are essential to check the exact amount of coating done on your product. A less amount of coating means the coating will wear out in the initial use and more coating layers means it will either crack or spread unevenly giving the surface unbalanced look with some part more glossier than other. Coating is done in most cases to provide a anti corrosion for your products.
This instrument checks the layers of coatings on ferrous and non ferrous using eddy and magnetic current. F probe means on ferrous and Probe N is for non ferrous applications. Probe F works on magnetic induction principals and is commonly used for checking insulated coating like paint, enamel and non ferrous coating on ferrous objects. Probe N measures insulating coating on non-ferrous by eddy current method.
• Two measuring methods: magnetic induction ( F) and eddy current ( N)

• 6 types of probes are available for various applications
• 2 measurement modes: continuous / single
• 5 statistical ways: Mean values / Max. values / Min. values / testing numbers. ( NO.) standard deviations ( S.Dev)
• memory up to 495 readings
• Direct testing mode and block statistic values
• Dataview for connecting with PC is available
• Low battery indication
• 2 switch off modes: manual and auto

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