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CST BERGER 56 DGT 10 Electronic Theodolite - Alat Survey
CST BERGER 56 DGT 10 Electronic Theodolite

CST/ Berger now offers electronic precision and ease with new digital theodolites/ transits Digital theodolites with a number of features you have come to expect from CST/ Berger Features of the 56-DGT10 Digital Theodolite.
The DGT10 features 5" angular accuracy with a vertical tilt sensor that compensates telesocpe transiting to allow for instrument set up acuracy. When Projecting a line or plumbing columns or walls, the DGT2 will state to user the actual variance in true plumb and allow user to accurately and quickly turn the instrument back to a plumb position.
Magnification 30x

Circle Diameter 45mm
Accuracy 10”
Minimum Reading 10”
Minimum Distance 1.3 Meter
Display 2 Display
Battery 4AA Alkaline 15 Hours

NIKON NE 100 Electronic Theodolite - Alat Survey
NIKON NE 100 Electronic Theodolite

Exceptional Reliability and Ease of Use for Your General Construction Needs.
Ease of use, reliability, and durability make the Nikon NE-100  theodolite a smart choice for your general construction, alignment and layout applications. These affordable instruments, featuring the familiar Nikon quality, are ideal for concrete form alignment, anchor bolt positioning, and steel column erection. The theodolites enable a number of positioning techniques: 90-degree layout, checking angles, alignment and plumb, as well as short range grade work and leveling.
The Nikon NE-100
  theodolite are built tough to withstand the harsh environments common to many construction job sites. Resistant to water and dust, these rugged units are designed to reduce downtime for repairs. The NE-100 are also compact and easy to transport. A small carrying case holds the theodolite, manual, and tools.
: Nikon NE-100 Telescope: Magnification: 30X. Image: Erect. Field of view: (at 100m/100ft.) 1°20’ (2.3 m/2.3 ft). Shortest focus range: 0.7 m/ 2.3 ft. Stadia multiplier constant: 100. Stadia additive constant: 0. Reticule scope illuminator: Yes. Angle Display: NE-100, 10/20"; 2/5 mgon (0.02/0.05 mil). H/V Angle Accuracy: NE-100, 10"/3 mgon. LCD Display: Dot-matrix, 20 characters x 2 lines, Backlight available. Dimensions: (W X D x H): 153.5 x 172 x 334 mm. Power Supply: 6 x AA.

TOPCON DT 209 Electronic Theodolite - Alat Survey
TOPCON DT 209 Electronic Theodolite

The Topcon DT-200 Series integrates the same high-quality advanced absolute circle reading technology found in Topcons high-performance total station products for more accurate field calculations. Topcon continues to deliver the highest quality optics and electronics you expect to find in Theodolites.
The Topcon DT-200 Series weathers any wet or dust conditions in the field, allowing for a more productive day during inclement weather. Degree of protection against water is based on the standard IEC60529, whose definition is "water projected in powerful jets against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects".
All models are also compact and lightweight for easy portability; and their simple operation provides precise measurement in a functional, hassle-free package. The Topcon DT-200 Series allows for more than 140h of continuous measurement in the angle mode. This long battery life will eliminate the necessity for the replacement batteries on the job.
DT-209 Features:
9-Second Accuracy,

26x Magnification,
Optical Plummet,
Waterproof and Dustproof Digital Theodolites
140-Hour Battery Life.
5 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

Telescope: Length: 149 mm. Objective lens: 45 mm. Magnification: 30x power. Field of view: 1°30’. Resolving power: 2.5 power. Minimum focus: 90 cm. Stadia ratio: 100. Stadia constant: 0. Sighting collimator: Double. Electronic Angle Measurement: Method: Absolute Reading. Detecting: 2 horizontal sides, 1 vertical sides. Minimum reading: 1"/5" arc seconds, 0.2mgon/1mgon mgon. Accuracy: 5 arc seconds, 71mm Diameter Circle. Display: sides: 2; LCD: 7 segments. Data Output: Serial signal connector: RS-232C. Compensator: Tilt sensor: Vertical. Compensating range: ±3 ft. Optical Plummet Telescope: Magnification: 3x power;  Field of view: 3° degrees.  Level Sensitivity: Plate level: 40°/2mm; Circular level: 10°/2mm. Water Protection: Standard: IP66 rating. Power Supply: Battery: 4AA batteries. Operating Temp: Environmental: -20 to +50 degrees C.

SOKKIA DT 620 Electronic Theodolite - Alat Survey
SOKKIA DT 620 Electronic Theodolite

Variety of display modes
You can select the angle display unit that best suits you. Horizontal angle is switchable between clockwise and counterclockwise, and angle hold and 0-set functions are also provided. Vertical angle can be set to Zenith=0, Horizontal=0, Horizontal=0+/-, or % of slope.
Enhanced reliability with absolute encoders

Sokkia's market-proven advanced absolute encoders, which utilize RAB (RAndom Bi-directional) code and digital sampling technology, further enhance the reliability of angle measurement. DT520 guarantees 5" (5 second) accuracy for both horizontal and vertical angles.
Ultra-long working hours

With Sokkia's new algorithm in operating absolute encoders, power consumption has been dramatically reduced. Powered by 2 standard LR14/C alkaline batteries, the DT520 will operate for 75 hours.
One-key Start

You can start taking measurements as soon as you turn on the power, thanks to the absolute encoders. Moreover, azimuth is kept when restarting the instrument after turning off the power.
Easy-to-read, easy-to-use control panels

A large LCD screen provides clear angle readings under all conditions, and thanks to simple 4-key operation no training is required. The DT520 has control panels on both faces for added convenience.
Dual-axis compensator

The DT520 automatically compensates both vertical and horizontal angles by monitoring the tilt of the instrument in X & Y two directions.
Audible right-angle notification

Once the zero (0) horizontal angle direction is determined, all models emit audible tones for each of the four right-angle directions. Specifically, it sounds two different tones within +/-15 degrees of 90 degrees and stops beeping when it comes within +/-1 degree.
Superior IP66 protection

Complying with the tough IP66 standard for resistance to dust and water, both models offer superior dependability even under harsh environmental conditions.
RS-232C port

Measurement data can be output to external devices via the RS-232C data port.
The DT520 Includes: Two R14/C alkaline batteries, lens cap, lens hood, plumb bob, tool kit, operator's manual, carrying case, and shoulder strap.


Telescope Magnification: 26X

Display Resolution (selectable) H & V: 1"/5",0.2/1mg, 0.005/0.02mil
Accuracy (ISO 12857-2 1997): 7"
Display: LCD, 8 digits x 2 lines w/backlight
Display location: On both faces
Compensator: Dual-axis compensator, working range ±3" (±55 mgon)
Dust and water protection: IP66 (IEC60529)
Weight with handle and battery: 4.7kg (10.3lb.)
Battery: LR14/C batteries x2
Continuous use with alkaline batteries: Approx. 75 hours

TOPCON DT 207 Electronic Theodolite - Alat Survey
The new DT-200L Series feature the same high-quality advanced absolute circle reading technology found in Topcon' s high-performance total station products, and they continue to deliver the highest quality optics and electronics you expect to find in Topcon theodolites. All this, plus the addition of a laser diode that' s perfect for easy, one-person alignment jobs. * Longer battery powering duration Longer battery powering durations using alkaline batteries. Continuous angle measurement for 150 hours ( DT-213) . Laser continuous angle measurement for 45 hours.  Magnification 30x Circle Diameter 45mm Accuracy 7” Minimum Reading 5” Minimum Distance 1.0 Meter Display 1 Display Battery 4AA Alkaline 45 Hours Dimension 152x188x313mm Weight 4, 2kg

The new DT-200L Series feature the same high-quality advanced absolute circle reading technology found in Topcon' s high-performance total station products, and they continue to deliver the highest quality optics and electronics you expect to find in Topcon theodolites. All this, plus the addition of a laser diode that' s perfect for easy, one-person alignment jobs. * Longer battery powering duration Longer battery powering durations using alkaline batteries. Continuous angle measurement for 150 hours ( DT-213) . Laser continuous angle measurement for 45 hours.
Magnification 30x

Circle Diameter 45mm
Accuracy 7”
Minimum Reading 5”
Minimum Distance 1.0 Meter
Display 1 Display
Battery 4AA Alkaline 45 Hours
Dimension 152x188x313mm
Weight 4, 2kg

SPECTRA PRECISSION DEAD-2  Digital Electronic Theodolite - Alat Survey
SPECTRA PRECISSION DET-2 Digital Electronic Theodolite

New Spectra Precision DET-2 Digital Electronic Theodolite
DET-2 Features and Benefits Features
2” Accuracy and Vertical Axis Compensation User selectable display resolution of 1” or 5”
Dual, Backlit Displays and Controls Very large LCD characters are easy to see
Large Suite of Parameter Settings

Includes programmable settings for the horizontal angle resolution and beep, vertical degrees or %, automatic shutoff (to save battery life), zenith angle and vertical axis compensation (Tilt on/off)
Built in Reticle Illuminator and IP-54 Rating Low light, water and dust resistant
Rechargeable Kit and Backup Alkaline Pack Included Long battery life of 36 hours, backup pack runs on 4 standard AA batteries

Accurate enough for any job, yet the display resolution can be tailored to any operator’s preferences for fast readings. Vertical axis compensation can be turned on or off depending on the operator or job.

Provides for easy accessibility and operation, reduced eye fatigue and chance of errors.
Reduced learning curve, easily configurable to an operator’s preferred operating style or job.
Allows work inside buildings and near dawn or dusk, and most external weather environments.
Reduces operating costs, backup pack eliminates downtime if the charge is lost in the middle of a job.
DET-2 Applications

Establishing 90 degree reference lines

Column placement
Alignment of forms, tilt-up walls, and curtain walls
Gravity flow pipe laser setup
Basic grade work
Short range leveling
Leveling stave 3 meter
1 Year Warranty

NORTHWEST NETH 203 Digital Transit Theodolite - Alat Survey
NORTHWEST NETH 203 Digital Transit Theodolite

The detection system in the NETH 203 uses an incremental encoder to measure horizontal and vertical angles. The unique double-sided keypad allows for quick and easy readouts, displayed brilliantly on double sided LCD windows. Accuracy is 10-second.  The powerful 30X telescope optics produces a crystal clear and bright image. An optical plummet, standard on the NETH 203, allows for fast and accurate setup.

Image:  Erect
Magnification:  30×
Effective aperture:  45 mm
Resolving power:  4"
Field of view:  1° 30'
Minimum focus:  3 ft
Statia Ratio:  1:100
Angle Measurement

Measuring method:  Photoelectric Incremental encoder
Minimum reading:  10"
Detection Method:  Horizontal single, Vertical single
Measuring unit:  360°
Vertical 0°:  Zenith 0° or Horizontal 0° or Slope
Accuracy (DIN18723):  10"
Sensitivity of Vial:

Plate vial:  30'/2mm
Circular vial:  8'/2mm
Optical Plummet:

Image:  Erect
Magnification:  3×
Focusing range:  1.5 ft
Field of view:  5°
Display:  Double Sided LCD
Battery:  Akaline Battery (included)
Voltage:  DC 6V
Operation time:  40 working hrs
Operating Temperature:14 to 113°F (-10 to 45°C)
Weight: Approx. Weight with Case:  21 l

DAVID WHITE DWT 10 Electronic Transit Theodolite - Alat Survey
DAVID WHITE DWT 10 Electronic Transit Theodolite

Electronic Digital Transit/Theodolite-10 second
30X Magnification
1/16-in.(1.5mm) at 100-ft.(30m) leveling accuracy
Up to 400-ft.(120m)
10-second vertical and horizontal angular readout
Dual LCD display
Vertical angle measuring
Optical plummet
Zero resetting
Built-in battery pack
Manufacturers Limited Lifetime Warranty Included
WT-10 Theodolite Includes:

Batteries, sun shade, tool kit, rain cover, drying cloth, plumb bob, and carrying case.

SOKKIA LDT 520 Electronic Laser Theodolite - Alat Survey
SOKKIA LDT 520 Electronic Laser Theodolite

Sokkia's LDT520, a 5” digital theodolite equipped with a telescope with laser beam emission capability, boasts the world’s longest laser range, class-topping dust and water protection,and a continuous operation time over 2.5 times that of its predecessor. The LDT520 is designed for directional controls in tunnel excavation, precise marking and alignment in construction and engineering applications.
Major improvements over the previous model World’s longest laser range

The LDT520 offers a 600-meter (2,000 ft.)* beam range from an easy-to-handle Class 3R laser.

Dust and water protection at the top of its class
The LDT520 achieves an IP66 rating, the highest level of dust and water protection in a theodolite.

The LDT520 is rated the highest level “6” for dust protection in the IP code specified by the IEC. The unit is shielded from fine powder-type dust.
The unit’s water protection is also rated at level “6”, the highest level for a theodolite, enabling it to be used with
confidence under moist underground conditions.
Absolute encoders

Newly equipped with the market-proven advanced absolute encoders for higher reliability and  lower power consumption.

Provides 5” angle accuracy with resolutions of 1”/5”, 0.0002/0.001 gon or 0.005/0.02 mil.
Longer battery life

The LDT520 achieves a continuous operation time over 2.5 times that of the previous model, using a standard detachable battery.

Continuous use for 12.5 hours at the maximum output of 4.5 mW and 13.5 hours at 1 mW.
Supplied with two batteries.
Operable in tighter spaces

The minimum focus of the optical plummet has been reduced from 20cm in the previous model to 15cm.

Can be precisely set at 15cm (5.9 in.) directly above the reference point.
Unique feature of the SOKKIA laser digital theodolite Emits both focused and parallel beams
When the focused beam is used, the diameter of the beam spot is smallest at the point of focus of the telescope.

When the parallel beam is used, the beam diameter remains constant at any distance, making the unit ideal for directional control in tunnel

The parallel beam can be focused by simply adjusting the telescope focusing ring to the mark. No external
accessories are required.
Major applications

Directional control in tunnel excavations using NATM or Shield Machines (using a parallel beam)

 Precise alignment and positioning in construction projects (using a focused beam)

LEICA BUILDER R100M The digital construction plan - Alat Survey
LEICA BUILDER R100M The digital construction plan

The era of purely mechanical or optical instruments is over. This is the digital era where digital instruments are needed to remain competitive. The digital Builder leads the way in this new era.
With the Leica Builder, Leica Geosystems is aiming experts in the building sector who have up to now shied away from using professional measuring instruments. In the design priority of making the theodolite as easy-to-use as possible, the advantages and the added value of the Leica Builder become evident: its uniquely easy-to-operate control concept and the outstanding product performance accelerates common construction site jobs, e.g. layout or plumbing.
Built for Builders

The rugged Builder stands up to the elements and takes all kinds of weather. And yet it’s easily to transport in the carry case that holds most accessories in a single lightweight package.
Accelerates Building

Traditional layouts require many steps and manipulations. The Builder reduces these steps. The Builder R gives an added advantage with fewer set-ups and laseraided layouts.
Advantages of the Builder RM

Receiving and transmitting measured or layout data via digital files increases processing efficiency

Read and write errors are eliminated
Data is saved and managed on a PC
Designs can be implemented directly from the planning stage
optionally, 3rd party software can operate Builder RM remotely using the interface
Key Features of the Leica Builder RM:

The Leica Builder is the only theodolite offering a complete product family. It is easy for a user to switch between models without learning a new operation.

Absolute circle reading
Excellent hardware features, such as laser plummet, endless drives on both sides for Hz and V, brilliant optics with 30x magnification
Dual-Axis compensation for reliable Hz and V reading
New and intuitive software
Unique leveling guidance for fast and convenient setup
High resolution LCD display
Audible notice for 90° turns and layout
Electronic laser distance measurement
Free set-up possible straight from blueprint
Graphic sketches
Hassle-free EDM measurement with red laser on any target or on the flat-prism
Enter the data at the office and simply call it up at the site
Upload and transfer data via on board data connection
 Data editing and exchange
Connectivity to 3rd party devices

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