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KETT PM 410 Multi Grain Moisture Tester - Alat Survey
KETT PM 410 Multi Grain Moisture Tester

Easy to operate and the moisture content is displayed by simply pouring the grain sample into the measuring section and pressing the " MEASURE" button, you can also use the included automatic hopper for rice to ensure a consistent and even " pour" . The PM-410 is very portable and rugged and can be used in any location.
Over 100 units have been deployed by the National Food Authority ( NFA) for their Rice Moisture Testing needs. Used by PhilRice, International Rice Research Institute, the Department of Agriculture and other organizations.
Wheat : 6.0-40.0%

Barley : 6.0-40.0%
Corn : 6.0-40.0%
Soybean : 6.0-30.0%
Cannola : 6.0-30.0%
Rye : 6.0-30.0%
Oats : 6.0-30.0%
Sorgrum : 6.0-30.0%
Sunflower ( Large, Medium) : 6.0-30.0%
Sunflower ( Small) : 6.0-20.0%
Paady : 8.0-35.0%
Rice ( Long) : 9.0-20.0%
Measuring principle : Capacitance

Accuracy : + 0.5% ( relative to reference method)
Operating Temp : 0 ~ 40º C
Display : LCD
Power Supply : 1.5V ( AA) batteries x 4
Functions : Bias Adjusment, Average, Automatic Power Off, Automatic Temperature Compensation
Dimensions : 210 x 130 x 190 mm ( h x w x d )
Weight : 1 Kg ( net) , 3.0 kg ( shipment)
Accessories supplied : Sample cup, Funnel, 4 x AA batteries

PRECISA XM 60 Digital Moisture Analyzers - Alat Survey
PRECISA XM 60 Digital Moisture Analyzers

READABILITY 0.001% – 0.01%
High-end MASTER CLASS units for customers with limited number of methods.
These instruments are robust, provide a high
degree of precision and are simple to operate..
Sturdy construction, perfect for all laboratory and production environments.

Weighing range 124 g
Readability 0.1 mg / 0.001%
High temperature range up to 230 C
Temperature step of 1 C
Practical construction to enable easy cleaning
High contrast, bright vacuum fluorescent display
Memory storage of up to 20 methods
Interface RS232
Choice of radiation heat source:
halogen, infrared, dark radiator

OHAUS MB45 Moisture Analyzer - Alat Survey
OHAUS MB45 Moisture Analyzer

Ohaus MB45 Moisture Analyzer with Halogen Lamp
Ohaus MB Series Moisture Analyzers combine high quality and durable construction into sleek, compact designs. The MB Series offer dependable, accurate, results for a wide variety of applications.
• Flexible Performance – The Ohaus MB Series provide accurate results

from 0.01% to 0.1% readability. And with your choice of halogen or
infrared heating, they are ideal for a wide variety of applications, from
pharmaceutical and chemical to food, textile, wastewater and other
• Simple to Operate – Set up and operation is extremely easy. Just press

and hold the temperature or time buttons to set drying parameters, add
your sample and begin the test process. This makes the MB Series
ideal for routine tasks performed by operators of all skill levels.
• Compact, Easy-to-Clean Design – The compact footprint of the

Ohaus MB Series is designed to take up less space on any counter
top. Their easy-to-clean heating chambers are ideal for frequent use
and inexpensive maintenance.
• Advanced Applications - For more complex measurement, the MB45

also features statistical analysis, 50 procedure test library, GLP/GMP
printing and a dot and a dot matrix backlit display.

DEKKO MC 7825G Grain Moisture Meter - Alat Survey
DEKKO MC 7825G Grain Moisture Meter

Measuring range: 5-31%
Resolution : 0.1
Display : LCD display
Accuracy : + / -( 0.5% n+ 0.1)
PC interface : RS232C ( Software & communicating cable are optional)
Auto power off
Power supply : 4x1.5V AAA ( UM-4) battery
Battery indicator : Low battery indicator
Dimensions : 165x62x26mm
Weight ( not including probe) : 119g

MERLIN HM8 WS13 Digital Moisture Meter - Alat Survey
 MERLIN HM8 WS13 Digital Moisture Meter

Dimension : 120x60x25mm

Weight : 160gr
Scanning Depth : 13-20mm
Sensor Dimension : 78x45mm
Measuring Range : 4% -99%
Timber Group : 1 - 6
Density range : 370-670kg/ m³
HD - Version : 450-950kg/ m³
Power Supply : 9V Batteray

WAGNER MMC 220 Wood Moisture Meter - Alat Survey
WAGNER MMC 220 Wood Moisture Meter

This meter is the same as the MMC210 with the exception of the Extended Range Specify Gravity ( SG) allowing settings of .20 - 1.0 to accommodate exotic woods. Like the MMC210, one of the features of this meter that makes it great for measuring MC in “ hard-to-get-to” places is the Press and Hold feature. This allows the user to take a reading in a place they cannot see such as behind a toilet, refrigerator, etc.
When using the hold feature, the user can remove the meter from the item being measured and it will display the MC measured. The two control buttons make it easier to adjust the SG on the meter.
Size & Weight : Length – 4 9/ 16” Width – 2 3/ 4” Height – 1 1/ 16” Weight -.37lbs

Power : Power – 9 volt battery
Auto Power Shut Down : – 60 seconds
Depth of Measurement : 3/ 4”
Moisture Content : 5% - 30%
Digital Display in .1% increments

HOLZMEISTER LG6NG Moisture Measurments - Alat Survey
 HOLZMEISTER LG6NG Moisture Measurments

This meter, which is provided with 7 scales for the measure of wood classified according to its density, allows to make quick readings in depth on seasoned or dried wood ( not green) , without any damage on tested material.
Suggested testing range : 5 - 35%

Moisture indication : 0 - 199.9 %
Number of ranges : 7
Reading depth ( 1) : 1 - 3 cm
Max Measuring Depth : ± 50 mm
Power supply : 9V 6F22 battery
Autonomy : 60h ca
Size : 145 x 59 x 25 mm
Weight : 200 gr

WAGNER MMI 1100 Data Collection Digital Moisture Meter - Alat Survey
WAGNER MMI 1100 Data Collection Digital Moisture Meter

For easy, fast, reliable, and accurate moisture measurements on woodworking or wood flooring projects, none can match Wagner’ s hand held moisture meters. Wagner moisture meters, featuring advanced IntelliSense™ Technology, go beyond surface conditions ON the wood to deliver accurate measurements of moisture conditions IN the wood.
Most pinless meters cannot distinguish between moisture conditions on the wood surface and the true moisture picture in the wood. Wagner meters were specifically designed to measure deeper into the wood to give you a more accurate picture of the true moisture content of the wood without having to rely on pins that will damage the surface of the wood by creating unsightly holes.
Inaccurate moisture readings caused by surface moisture can negatively affect your flooring or woodworking projects, and often you don’ t realize there’ s a problem until after your customer has called with a complaint. But Wagner’ s hand held moisture meters with IntelliSense™ Technology are not impacted by surface conditions, letting you confidently take fast, reliable and accurate moisture measurements for all your woodworking or wood flooring projects. All without damage to the wood surface!
Wagner’ s proven technology, design and “ Made in the USA” manufacturing, continue to provide the most user-friendly, accurate and reliable meters on the moisture meter market worldwide.

BES BOLLMANN H-DI 3.10 Wood Moisture Meter - Alat Survey
BES BOLLMANN H-DI 3.10 Wood Moisture Meter

Measuring range : 4 – 100 %
Display resolution : 0, 10 %
Application timber, derived timber products, building materials
Measuring principle electrical resistance
Timber group adjustment 4
Temperatur adjustment : 0 – 80° C
Ambient temperature : 0 – 40 ° C
Setting switch : 2
Batterie control : Yes
Device control : Yes
Battery : 9-V-compound battery
Dimensions : 140 x 80 x 40 mm
Weight : 220 g
FMPA-approval : Yes

BESS Bollmann Easy Plus Wood Moisture Meter - Alat Survey
BESS Bollmann Easy Plus Wood Moisture Meter

The new Easy Plus was especially developed for measuring timber and building moisture. You can configure the Easy Plus to your individual requirements. From a list of 34 materials you can choose 2 wood groups and 2 building materials.
Naturally the Easy Plus includes a removable contact cap, which guarantees non-destructive measurement. Further features are the large display, the compact housing and the easy handling. The additional data hold function makes it comfortable to read measurements from hard to reach places.
Measuring principle Electrical resistance

Electrodes Integrated, replaceable
Contacts 2x hardened special electrodes, 9mm length
Measuring range Timber 5, 0% – 48, 0% building materials 0, 3% - 100, 0%
Display precision Timber ± 0.5% Building materials ± 0.03%
Display LCD / 3-digit display 65 symbols
Battery 2 x standard battery 1.5V AAA, replaceable
Battery display 4-step battery symbol
Self test LCD / calibration / battery status
Housing shock-resistant plastic
Dimensions 160 x 53 x 33 mm
Weight 135 g ( incl. battery)
Ambient temperature -10° C to + 60° C
Handling 2 keys ( membrane keypad / one-handed operation)

TAKEMURA DM-15 Soil pH and Moisture Tester - Alat Survey
TAKEMURA DM-15 Soil pH and Moisture Tester

Use Although we are apt to think that proper amounts of manure and moisture added to the soil are sufficient for vegetable growth, excessive acidity or alkalinity or moisture dificiencies will inhibit the effective absorbtion of nutriments, Therefore, to grow good crops, careful attention must be paid to relationship between soil acidity and moisture.
* pH Range : 3-8 pH

* pH Resolution : 0.2 pH
* Humidity Range : 1-8 %
* Dimension : 48 ( W) x 48 ( H) x 160 ( L) mm
* Weight : 135g
* No need any power and consumables
* This meter will give you accurate readings of the pH in your soil and with the press of a button it will let you know how moist your soil is to help prevent you from over watering.
* An excellent gardening accessory for those gardeners that tend to over water and those that want to keep a close eye on their pH level.

KSOILTECH pH & Moisture Meter - Alat Survey
SOILTECH pH & Moisture Meter

The soil PH is a important factor to limits the crops production and the quality .
This instrumentation is simple and convenient, can directly insert the soil.
Measuring HP range : 3-8%
Measuring moisture range : 1-8%
Precision : + 1%
Precision : + 0.2PH
Environment Temperature : 5-50

SOILTECH pH, Temperature, Light & Moisture Meters - Alat Survey
SOILTECH pH, Temperature, Light & Moisture Meters

Mode Switch for pH value, temperature or moisture
LCD Display
Temperature selection o C or o F
Battery : 9 Volt
Indication of insulficient battery
Automatic furn off

pH range : 3, 5 pH to 9.0 pH / accuracy* 0.5
Temperature : - 9 o C to 50o C / accuracy* 1o C
Light : 9 LevelsATALOG 1

LINCOLN Soil Moisture Meters - Alat Survey
 LINCOLN Soil Moisture Meters

The Lincoln soil moisture meters were designed to work in conjunction with the wilt point of different plants and vegetables. It' s ideal application is in potted plants but it has been proven to be successful with crops like corn, potatoes, tomatoes, and others. With this top reading meter you can quickly glance at the display and see at what saturation level the soil is at.
Works with any type of soil. Each unit comes with instructions and a general wilt point reading for 26 different vegetable crops and 21 different plants. The Lincoln meters are available in three lengths: 9" , 24" & 36" .
Features of Lincoln Moisture Meters

Can be used in any soil type
Available in three different probe lengths
Uses no water
Instant results
Conserves water
Does not use service kit

FIELD SCOUT TDR Soil Moisture Probes - Alat Survey
 FIELD SCOUT TDR Soil Moisture Probes

Determine when and where irrigation is needed. Using time-domain measurement technology, these portable units provide accurate soil moisture measurements over a full range of soil moisture conditions. The probe features two modes of operation, volumetric water content measurement and irrigation management mode. You can select the soil type for what you are testing to yield more accurate readings. Wilting point and saturation points can be preset using the supplied software for different soil types depending on your needs. Moisture levels are shown on an LCD display. Two lengths of probe rods are available, 12 cm ( 4.8" ) and 20 cm ( 8" ) , each ( included) . GPS Cable ( included) .
Field Scout TDR 300 Soil Moisture Probe with Internal Data Logger and GPS Capability The TDR 300 features an internal data logger and RS-232 port which also allow you to make georeferenced soil moisture measurements using a GPS unit ( not included) . Software and a PC cable are included with the TDR 300. Resolution: 1.0% . Accuracy: ± 3.0% volumetric water content with electrical conductivity

AQUATERR EC 300 Digital Soil Moisture, Temperature, Salinity, and pH Meters - Alat Survey
AQUATERR EC 300 Digital Soil Moisture, Temperature, Salinity, and pH Meters

Each meter is highly accurate, displays results within seconds, may be used in a variety of soils, and is unaffected by temperature, pH, dissolved salts, or metallic ions. Simply insert probe at least six inches into reasonably soft, moist area and press appropriate test button. Results appear quickly. Rapidly perform multiple tests at various depths and locations. Just wipe off probe after each test. Features 30" stainless steel probe, clay, loam and sand scales printed on meter’ s face panel, and soft foam handles. Informative user’ s guide and 9V battery included. Operating temperature: 40° F to 150° F. Power: 9V battery ( included) . Battery life ( approx.) : 3 months. Probe length: 30" . Overall length: 36" . Weight ( approx.) : 5 lbs.
Aquaterr EC-300 Digital Soil Moisture, Temperature and Salinity Meter Displays soil moisture percentage, soil temperature ° F, and soil salinity cS/ m. Soil Moisture - Range: 0 to 100% . Accuracy: ± 2% . Response time: 3 sec. Soil Temperature - Range: 40° F to 150° F. Accuracy: ± 1.5° F. Response time: 60 sec. Salinity: Range: 0 to 100 cS/ m* . Accuracy in water: ± 2 cS/ m* . Accuracy in soil: ± 10 cS/ m* . Response time: 5 sec. * centi-Seimans/ meter; 10 cS/ m = 1 mmho/ cm2.

SPECTRUM TECHNOLOGY SC 300 Soil Compaction Meter - Alat Survey
SPECTRUM TECHNOLOGY SC 300 Soil Compaction Meter

This versatile electronic meter features a built-in data logger with a capacity of 772 profiles without GPS readings and 579 profiles with GPS readings. A sonic depth sensor provides accurate depth determination at a resolution of every inch. The two-piece shaft disassembles easily for convenient storage and transport.
The load cell measures penetration resistance. Compaction data is shown on the 16-character, two-line LCD digital display in PSI/ IN or kPa/ CM. An alarm is activated when penetration is too fast. Designed to ASAE standards. Includes software to download data, change logger settings, and configure the meter.
Accuracy: ± .5" Depth; ± 15 PSI ( 1.25 cm; ± 103 kPa) . Range: 0 to 18" Depth ( 0 to 45 cm) ; 0 to 1, 000 PSI ( 0 to 7, 000 kPa) . Resolution: 1" Depth; 5 PSI. Power: 2 AA batteries ( included) . GPS Cable ( included)

KETT PM 600 Multi Grain Moisture Tester - Alat Survey
KETT PM 600 Multi Grain Moisture Tester

The PM-600 is the most advanced handheld moisture tester with marvelous functions
* Up to 99 product calibrations can be stored in memory.
* Average readings can be made at the press of a button.
* A range of 6 to 30% can be measured for almost all samples. Additionally, corn can be measured from 6 to 47% .
* An optional printer may be plugged into the PM-600 in order to print all data.
Specifications PM-600

Measuring method Dielectric constant
Measuring range : 6 ~ 30 %
Accuracy : 0.3% below 20%
Power source : 4pcs. 1.5V Batteries ( " AA" size Alkaline)
Dimensions : 130 ( W) X 185 ( D) X 210 ( H) mm
Weight Net : 2.0kg
Shipment : 4.0kg

KETT FD 610 Infrared Moisture Determination Balance - Alat Servey
KETT FD 610 Infrared Moisture Determination Balance

FD-610 is upgraded model from FD-600 which was one of the largest Selling IR moisture balances in Kett record. No other moisture testers offers the versality of FD-610 which used 5mg resolution Weiging unit and a proven 185-Watt infrared bulb. Also feature is " Auto measurement mode" the total drying process control software, Which halts the heating and displays the moisture content automatically, furthermore, Optional printer can be available.
Specifications FD-610

Measurement method Detection of weight loss by heating & drying
Sample mass 5~ 70g( optional weight sampling)
Resolution 5mg / 0.1%
Measurement range 0~ 100% ( Wet-base Moisture/ Solid content)
0~ 500% ( Dry-base Moisture content)
Precision Sample 5g or greater; 50.1%
Display format Digital LCD display
Measurement mode Time/ Automatic/ Continuous measurement
External I/ O Standard RS-232C serial interface
Heat source 185W Infrared bulb X 1pc.
Power source AC100~ 120/ 220~ 240V( 50/ 60Hz)
Dimensions & weight Net ; 210X320X335( mm) , approx.3.2kg
Shipment; 280X430X580( mm)
approx.7.5kg( including printer)
Sample pan Diameter 95mm, depth 10mm( SUS manufactured)
Options Printer model VZ-330( including printer cable) Data logger software( KDL-01)

PROTIMER Surveymaster Hand-held Moisture Meter - Alat Survey
PROTIMER Surveymaster Hand-held Moisture Meter

The Surveymaster SM Moisture Meter uses two independent sensors to monitor sub-surface moisture conditions in wood, concrete, ceramic tile and other non-conductive material. One sensor uses radio waves to detect moisture presence, while the other uses moisture-sensitive needles. For items with delicate surfaces, such as fine woods, use the radio wave sensor which captures moisture readings without piercing the surface. For more precise readings ranging from 6% to 60%, simply insert the meter’s steel needles into an item’s surface. Results appear in the meter’s LCD window.

As when using the radio wave sensor, LED’s along the meter’s color scale indicate safe (green), borderline (yellow), and damp (red) moisture conditions. To speed up investigations over large areas, start by using the radio wave sensor to quickly locate problem spots and then insert the meter’s needle sensor to acquire exact moisture percentages. Features include splash-resistant keypad with large “glove-friendly” buttons, weather-resistant seals, and rugged ABS plastic housing with rubber grips.
A pair of deep wall probes, two spare needles, extension probe, user’s guide, and padded carrying case are included. Moisture level range: Invasive, 7% to 99.9%; Non-Invasive, 0 to 999 relative scale*. Moisture level accuracy: ±1%*. Power: one 9V battery (included).

DELMHORST J-Series Compact Wood Moisture Meters - Alat Survey
DELMHORST J-Series Compact Wood Moisture Meters

These compact meters allow quick, easy, and accurate tests for both surface and core (requires optional electrode sold separately) moisture content of wood. Simply insert the contact pins into wood and press the read button. Moisture content is instantly displayed. Use the integral contact pins (included) to penetrate 5/16" for up to 6/4 stock. Attach any optional Delmhorst electrode through the built-in port for greater versatility on heavier stock. Available in three models, all include 2 extra contact pins, protective carrying case, and instruction manual. Battery: 9V alkaline battery (included). Dimensions: 7-1/2" x 3" x 1-3/4".
Model J-2000
Results are displayed on a digital LCD readout. Meter features a microcontroller circuit that corrects for individual species and temperature and will display the average and highest of up to 100 stored readings. Backed by Delmhorst for one year. Moisture content range: 6% to 40% with 0.1% resolution.
Model J-LITE
Results are displayed by 12 bright LEDs – perfect for direct sunlight or dark areas. Backed by Delmhorst for three years. Moisture content range: 6% to 30%.
Model J-4
Read moisture level results using this meter’s analog readout. Species and temperature correction charts included. Backed by Delmhorst for one year. Moisture content range: 6% to 30%.

DELMHORST RDM-3 Plus Moisture Meter - Alat Survey
DELMHORST RDM-3 Plus Moisture Meter

The RDM3 is a handheld moisture meter packed with features including a full onscreen reading recall for up to 1400 stored readings with date and time stamp, job grouping, graphical display, easy to navigate menu options, and a customizable auto-shut off. It also includes built-in wood species corrections for 71 species of wood, built in temperature compensation over the range of 0° to 255° F (-18° to 124°C). integral contact pins mounted on top of meter provide 5/16” penetration, and a connector for external electrode.
Range: 6-60% MC depending on species/temperature. Resolution: 0.1% MC. Operating Temperature: -4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C). Calibration: Factory calibrated for Douglas Fir at 70°F. Power: one 9V battery (included). Warranty: 1-year from the manufacturer. A carrying case and an extra set of pins are included. PC Interface Cable (included).

PC Interface Kit This kit enables you to download stored readings from the meter to a PC via infrared linking.

LUTRON PH 212 Soil pH (Keasaman Tanah) - Alat Survey
LUTRON PH 212 Soil pH (Keasaman Tanah)

Complete set including soil spear tip pH electrode
pH4 and pH7 Standard buffer solution Included
Spear Tip Probe is Ideal for measuring pH in Soil, Meats, Cheese
Meter Range : 0 to 14pH

Resolution : 0.01 ph
Accuracy :
+ / - 0.2 pH ( pH1 to pH3.9, pH10.1 to pH13)
+ / - 0.1 pH ( pH4 to pH4.9, pH9.1 to pH10)
+ / - 0.07pH ( pH5 to pH9)
Sampling Time : Approx 0.4 Second
Weight : 220g
Dimension : 180x40x32mm

EXTECH MO210 Pocket Moisture Meter - Alat Survey
EXTECH MO210 Pocket Moisture Meter

Extech MO210 Features
    Measures Wood Moisture from 6 to 44%

    Measures Building Material Moisture from 0.2 to 2.0%
    Use on wall board, sheet rock, cardboard, plaster, concrete and mortar
    High accuracy ±0.05 (wood) and ± (building materials)
    Self-contained, pocket-sized meter with belt clip
    Replaceable measurement electrode pins
    Impact proof housing
    Battery operated for on-the-go measurements
Auto Power OFF conserves energy
Built-in battery check and functionality test
Complete with protective cap and three (3) CR-2032 button batteries

EXTECH MO220 Pocket Moisture Meter - Alat Survey
 EXTECH MO280 Pinless Moisture Meter

Extech MO220 Features
    Integral pins and Remote hand-press probe

    Monitor moisture in wood either directly with the built-in moisture pins or use remote hand-press probe on hard surfaces
    Designed in a rugged double molded housing construction and is pocket sized for one-handed operation
    Memory contains 8 wood groups with calibrations for approximately 170 species of wood
Measurements can be taken using the integral pin electrodes (replaceable pins) or a heavy duty remote probe (included)
Automatically temperature compensated (ATC) readings when used with the temperature probe (included)
Built-in calibration check
User settable Auto power off (1 to 9 minutes) with disable
Low battery indication
Complete with remote hand-press moisture probe, Temperature probe, protective cap, replacement pins, pouch case, and two AAA batteries
Material Types :  Wood (Multiple Types)

Sensor Type  :  Replaceable Contact Pins
Moisture Content  :  6 to 99.9%
Temperature probe  :  -31 to 176°F (-35 to 80°C)
Dimensions  :  7x1.9x1.2" (180x50x31mm)
Weight  :  6.1oz (175g)

EXTECH MO280 Pinless Moisture Meter - Alat Survey
EXTECH MO280 Pinless Moisture Meter

Extech MO280 Features
    Quickly indicates the moisture content of materials

    Select from 10 wood types and measurement ranges
    LCD displays % moisture of wood or material being tested
    Measurement depth to 0.75" (22mm) below the surface
    Automatic internal test and calibration
    Electro-magnetic testing technology
    Low battery indication
    Includes: 9V battery and pouch case
    Sensor Type :  Non-Penetrating
Range:  0 to 99% (limited by wood type)
Max Resolution:   0.1%
Dimensions:  5.4 x 2.8 x 1.1" (136 x 70 x 28 mm)

EXTECH MO297 Pinless Moisture Meter (Psychrometer, IR Thermometer, Bluetooth Transmitter) - Alat Survey
EXTECH MO297 Pinless Moisture Meter (Psychrometer, IR Thermometer, Bluetooth Transmitter)

Quickly indicates the moisture content of materials with Pinless technology without damaging the surface; Remote Pin-type probe (MO290-P included) allows for contact moisture readings (3ft/0.9m cable length)

Works on multiple wood types and other building materials
Easy to read, large dual display with automatic backlight feature
Simultaneously displays moisture value of wood or material being tested, Air Temperature, IR Temperature, or Humidity
Pinless measurement depth to 0.75" (19mm) below the surface
Programmable high/low Moisture and Humidity alarms
Designed with a patented IR circuit to measure non-contact surface temperature; 8:1 distance to spot ratio with 0.95 fixed emissivity
Built-in Humidity/Temperature probe measures Relative Humidity, Air Temperature plus Grains Per Pound (GPP)/(g/kg), Dew Point (DP), Vapor Pressure, and condensation point
Automatic calculation of differential Temperature (IR - DP) to determine condensation point
Min/Max and Data Hold
Auto power off and low battery indication
Complete with pin moisture probe with cable, 9V battery and case

KHOLZMEISTER LG 43 Type Moisture Meter / Thermohygrometer - Alat Survey
HOLZMEISTER LG 43 Type Moisture Meter / Thermohygrometer

It can be supplied with a plastic handle (/T version), for surface measurement through conductive rubber electrodes or very thin nails, with a special hammer (/M version) to stick the electrodes in depth or with both the accessories (/TM). It is especially suitable for measures on not dried/seasoned timber or to detect the distribution of the moisture across the material.  The measure is effected using an alternate current, assuring an optimum stability even in case of high humidity contents.
The timber moisture indication is automatically compensated on basis of the timber temperature, which can be set manually by the operator (useful when measuring timber just out from the kiln dryer) or measured by the instrument by its internal sensor or the external RT/T sensor (optional).
If equipped with the optional RH/T sensor, LG43 becomes a complete diagnostic instrument for your kiln dryer, able to measure the air temperature and relative humidity, which can be also displayed in EMC format (timber Equilibrium Moisture Content)
Technical characteristics

Suggested measuring range (wood)  :  8 - 50%
Moisture Measurement Range    :  5 – 90%
Timber groups  :  4  
Building materials groups :  7

Leather groups :  2
Internal temperature indication  :  -10 / 50°C   
Power supply battery  :  9V 6F22 (Battery life: 35h approx.)
Automatic Switching off time  :  15 minutes
Case dimensions  :  32,5 x 26 x 8 cm  
Weight (/T - /M - /TM)  :  1,3 - 3,0 - 3,5 Kg. approx
Thermohygrometer (/w optional sensor)

Temperature range   :  -10 / +80°C
Temperature accuracy   :  ± 0.5 (0 - 40°C)   ± 1.2 (-20 + 80°C)  
Humidity range   :  0-100% RH
Humidity accuracy  :  ± 2% (10-90%) ± 4% (0-10%)

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