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JDC Flowatch FL-03 Water Current Meter - Alat Survey

JDC Flowatch FL-03 Water Current Meter

Developed for use under various challenging field conditions. Its different impellers measure almost any fluid, liquid or gaseous medium. Fluid measurements can be taken in knots, km/ h, mph, and m/ s. The meter also takes temperature measurements in either ° F or ° C, including minimum and maximum temperature and current temperature.Also included is a wind speed impeller which allows you to take air velocity and wind chill measurements. To take flow measurements from a bridge or other elevated location, use the optional flow sensor with 15 meter cable ( sold separately) . Kit includes the display, 2m telescoping rod, a 60mm water impeller, 25mm air impeller and carrying case. Weatherproof.
Accuracy : ± 2% fluid speed; ± 3% air velocity

Temperature : ± 1° F ( ± 0.2° C)
Range Fluid Speed : 0.2 to 40 mph ( 0.1 to 18 M/ Sec)
Temperature : -58° F to 212° F ( -50° C to 100° C)
Resolution : 0.3 km/ h; 0.2 mph; 0.2 knots; 0.1 M/ Sec
Temp. Modes Minimum, Maximum, Current Temperature, Wind Chill Factor
Operating Modes Current, maximum and average fluid speed
Power : 2 " AA" Batteries ( included)
Dimensions Display : 5.25" x2.25" x2.5"

WATERMARK 6200FD Water Current Meter Kit - Alat Survey

WATERMARK 6200FD Water Current Meter Kit

Measures velocity in shallow streams, irrigation ditches, canals, water supply conduits, and sewers. Suspended on a 1.2 m or 4' wading rod, the bucket wheel revolves in flowing water. The circuit is closed each revolution or each fifth revolution. Separate binding posts permit selection of the count desired. Digital Flow Indicator provides direct digital display of flow velocity in feet or meters per second ranging from 0.2 to 32 ft. per second or 0.06 to 7.6 meters per second.
Type AA Current Meter: With meter case, rating table, instrument oil, screw driver, and cleaning cloth. Spare Parts: Extra pivot with lock nut, hanger screw, tailpiece screw, insulation bushing. Meter Case: Holds meter, spare parts, accessories, and telephone set. Rating Table. Digital Readout Unit: LCD screen Top Setting Wading Rod: 1.2 m or 4' as required with vernier handle and two-plug connector.

WATERMARK Sounding Reel & Sounding Weight - Alat Survey

WATERMARK Sounding Reel & Sounding Weight

The bridge board was designed for use in making discharge measurements and obtaining water quality samples from off of bridges. It is a free-standing support, accommodating A-Pack, A- 55 or B-56 sounding reels. It comes with an adjustable foot rest which makes it easily adaptable to bridge railings of different heights and walkways of various widths. In use, the Bridge Board is set to the approximate height of the bridge rail at the measurement site. With the sounding reel secured to the mounting plate, the boom is positioned so the sheave extends out past the bridge rail. The suspension cable is now stretched out over the sheave at the end of the 4 foot long boom. The current meter or sampler is then suspended from the cable and is in position to be lowered into the water below. The maximum sounding weight to be used with the bridge board is 50 pounds ( 23 kg) .
The A-Pack Reel is used to position stream gaging and sample collection equipment. The reel is small and compact and was designed for use at remote sites where it is necessary for the hydrologist to backpack or hand carry the stream gaging equipment for some distance. It is for use with weights up to 50 pounds ( 23 kg) . The USGS bridge board mount plate and the cable car reel mount plate are drilled to accommodate this reel. The reel is equipped with a removable handle, and is equipped with a counter to measure water depth in feet. The drum has 45 feet ( 13.7m) of 0.10 in. Ellsworth cable. The A-Pack reel comes in a steel carrying case as shown with the reel. See the Technical Data page for more information on sounding reel selection.
The A-55 Sounding Reel is used to position stream gaging and sample collection equipment. The reel is used with weights up to 100 pounds ( 45 kg) and holds 75 feet ( 22.9 m) of 0.10-inch ( 0.25cm) cable. The reel can be mounted on Type A and Type E cranes, the bridge board, the sit-down or stand-up cable car, and the boat boom assembly. The A-55 reel is equipped with a USGS-type computing depth indicator and can be furnished to read in either English or metric ( A-55M) units.

MJP Student Stream Flowmeter Water Current Meter - Alat Survey

MJP Student Stream Flowmeter Water Current Meter

Ideal for student projects and pratical river and irrigation studies and Management.
Revolutions of impeller are sensed electronically and transmitted to a hand-held counter unit that features start, stop, and clear functions. Revolutions per unit of time can be translated into stream velocity using a conversion chart. May be used in brackish water or salt water. Fitted with a re-settable LCD counter, this flowmeter eliminates the need for tiresome calculations.
Comes complete with PVC pole mounted with an impeller which collapses into four sections for easy storage and carrying, three stream bed elevation rods, protective carrying pouch for counter, weather-proof storage case, instruction manual, and comparison charts. Optional 3-cup, hand-held anemometer is available for use with the flowmeter for measuring air velocity. Range of the anemometer is 2 mph to 65 mph.
Specifications: Materials: PVC impeller poles, stainless steel impeller shaft, plastic impeller. Dimensions: Overall pole length: 3.3’ . Four individual sections: 9.8" each. Cable: 3.3’ . Elevation rods: 9.8" , 4.9" , and 2.5" . Data Readout: LCD counter; 800 counts per minute; re-setting. Sensor Type: Magnetic. Range: Approximately 0.05m/ sec to 8.0m/ sec. Accuracy: ± 7% . Power: 2 AAA batteries ( included).

TATONAS TH 02 Water Current Meter Kit - Alat Survey

TATONAS TH 02 Water Current Meter Kit

TH-02 Mini Current Meter digunakan untuk pengukuran aliran kecepatan air dengan menggunakan sensor magnetik.
Standard Instrument:

* Main Body, Waterproof
* Propeller, Plastic: 50 mm dia. dan 30 mm dia.
* Indicator, Digital LCD ( Liquid Crystal Display) : Dot matrix: 2 baris x 16 kolom. Tombol: Start/ Stop, Timer, Tipe propeller. Tampilan: pulsa, pewaktu, kecapatan ( m/ s) .
* Rod bar, stainless: Diamater: 10 mm. Panjang: 2 meter. terdiri dari 4 bagian, dengan skala 1 cm. Dilengkapi dengan base plate.
* Kabel penghubung, Panjang 2.5 m
* Buku Manual pengoperasian
* Box dan tools
System Specifications:

* Maksimal range: 2, 0 m/ s
* Sensitivity: 0.1 m/ s
* Sensor: Magnetic impulse
* Battery: 4.8 volt ( 4 x 1.2 volt) rechargeable

HYDRO BIOS Rod Held Current Meter - Alat Survey

HYDRO BIOS Rod Held Current Meter

Rod Held Current Meter RHCM
Portable device for point-by-point measuring for accessing the current speeds in running waters. The RHCM consists of a hydro-metric vane at the lower end of a telescopic rod and
a splash-proof hand terminal. The measuring head can be an- gled up to ± 90° . The measuring values are displayed on a hand terminal, and the stored values are transferred to a PC by means of the software HydroLink.
No. 445 500: with rod 2 x 110 cm ( 220 cm)

No. 445 505: with rod 3 x 100 cm ( 300 cm)
No. 445 510: with rod 3 x 133 cm ( 399 cm)
Technical Data

Measuring range : 0.1 ... 9.99 m/ s
Resolution : 0, 011 m/ s
Accuracy : ± 5 % ( 0.10 ... 0.49 m/ s)
: ± 1% ( 0.50 ... 9.99 m/ s)
Memory : 4000 measuring values
Ambient temperature: : 0 - 50° C
Protection type Hand Terminal : IP 65
EC-Conformity ( CE) : EN 50081-1, EN 50082-1

SWOFFER 2100 Stream Current Velocity Meters - Alat Survey

SWOFFER 2100 Stream Current Velocity Meters

A portable, reliable means of measuring open stream velocities in the range of 0.1 to 25 feet per second or 0.03 to 7.5 meters per second ( selectable) . Measurements can be read in feet or meters on your choice of two digital readout indicator models, both with better than 1% accuracy. Each meter includes a meter indicator, shoulder strap and snap ring, and PVC shipping/ storage tube for the sensor. 2100 Series includes a 9V battery, and the 3000 series includes four AA batteries.
The sensor uses a 2" propeller which rotates a fiber-optic bundle to create a signal from a photodiode to a photosensitive transistor. This signal is transferred via cable to the indicator where velocity is displayed. Resolution of the display is to hundredths. The propeller is swivel mounted for easy storage. A quick-disconnect, waterproof cable connection is located at the indicator. The electronics of the sensors are permanently encapsulated in epoxy resin and housed in chemically inert acetal-resin fittings. All sensor parts are replaceable and are available separately. Sensor wands are aluminum alloy with stainless steel fasteners. Propeller is glass impregnated nylon and all other plastic sensor parts are acetal-resin ( Delrin or Celcon) .
Model 2100 Indicator

Accommodates all types of open stream flows. Three selectable, pre-set display update times allow up to 90 seconds of averaging. In extremely turbulent flows, otherwise unreadable data is electronically averaged and can be used without interpolation. Features a dial style control and self-calibration to check accuracy of instrument while in the field. A compartment in the back of the indicator houses the battery and has space for one spare. Liquid crystal display features one line with 0.7" H digits.

GLOBAL WATER PF 111 Flow Frobe Velocity Meter - Alat Survey

GLOBAL WATER PF 111 Flow Frobe Velocity Meter

The Flow Probe uses true velocity averaging. To start a running average, first hold the reset button for 3 seconds to zero the display. When the probe is placed in the water flow, an average will begin. As long as thewater velocity sensor remains in the flow, the averaging continues. Once the average reading becomes steady, the true average velocity has been obtained. When you remove the Flow Probe from the water, the average value is frozen on the display until reset.
Range : 0.3-15 FPS ( 0.1-4.5 MPS)

Accuracy : 0.1 FPS
Averaging True digital running average. Readings taken once per second
Display : LCD
Sensor Type Protected Turbo-Prop propeller with electro-magnetic pickup
Weight : 2 pounds ( 10 lbs. U.S., 14 lbs. International shipping weight)
Size Length : 3' to 6'
Materials : PVC anodized aluminum, stainless steel bearing
Power Internal watch type batteries : 1 year life
Operating Temperature : 0 to 120 F
Carrying Case : The Flow Probe is shipped in a padded carrying case

SONTEK 6300 FlowTrackers Handheld ADV Series - Alat Survey

SONTEK 6300 FlowTrackers Handheld ADV Series

• Low-profile 2-D ADV water velocity sensor on 2m flexible cable ( measure in depths down to 2cm ( 1 inch) )
• Automatic discharge computation protocols ( ISO/ USGS mid-section, mean-section, and Japanese)
• Handheld keypad interface with real-time display
• Velocity methods: ISO, USGS, under ice, Kreps, 5-point, and multipoint
• Languages supported: English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French
• Recorder space: up to 64 discharge measurements or over 150, 000 individual velocity samples
• Data Set Documentation: up to 20 values of time-stamped user comments including gauge height and rated flow
• QA/ QC: automated data review and discharge uncertainty calculations
• Communication protocol: RS232
• Software: Windows software with diagnostic beam-check, recorder access, data visualization and customizable reports
• Compatible with FlowPack Velocity Indexing software
• Temperature sensor
• Hard plastic case
• Velocity range: ± 0.001 to 4.0 m/ s ( ± 0.003 to 13 ft/ s)
• Velocity resolution: 0.0001 m/ s
• Velocity accuracy: ± 1% of measured velocity, ± 0.25 cm/ s
• Sampling volume location: 10 cm from center transducer
• Power supply: 8 AA batteries
• Typical battery life: 25+ hours continuous operation ( alkaline batteries)
• Weight: 1.8 kg/ 4.0 lbs
• Probe width: 130 mm ( 5.1 inches)
• Handheld controller/ keypad: temporarily submersible to 1m
• Operating temperature: -20o to 50o C
• Storage temperature: -20o to 50o C

VALEVORT Model 108 MkIII Direct Reading Current Meter - Alat Survey

VALEVORT Model 108 MkIII Direct Reading Current Meter

The Model 108MkIII and 308 are impeller based current meters measuring speed and direction, which can also have Conductivity, Temperature and Pressure parameters fitted. From these additional parameters Salinity, Density and Speed of Sound are calculated. The system is modular and instruments can be upgraded if desired.

The Model 108MkIII is a direct reading only instrument. The Model 308 is a self recording instrument, which can also be used simultaneously for real time measurements. Both units can be used directly with a PC or with the optional Model 8008 Control Display Unit. This unit has 3 data communication methods built in which offer considerable flexibility for configuration and use with a wide number of cable types and lengths.
Sampling and averaging periods are set up using a PC or 8008 CDU, and the set up is retained until overwritten. Calibration for all sensors is held within the instrument and data is provided in engineering units.
Power may be taken from its internal batteries [308 only], from the 8008 CDU or from a surface battery or power supply.
Self recording units have 128 kbyte memory as standard [1Mbyte optional]. The 128 kbyte memory can store 30,000 speed and direction records [or 12,000 speed/direction plus CTD records].
Ordering Information

0108001 Direct reading, vector averaging current meter, speed and direction only, Control display unit with logging facility and interface cable to PC, 50m cable on hand reel, 3m deck lead, set of spare o-rings, tools, operating manual and a system transit case.
0108002 Direct reading, vector averaging current meter, speed and direction only, Control display unit with logging facility and interface cable to PC, 100m cable on hand reel, 3m deck lead, set of spare o-rings, tools, operating manual and a system transit case.
0108003 Direct reading, vector averaging current meter, speed and direction only, Control display unit with logging facility and interface cable to PC, 200m cable on hand reel, 3m deck lead, set of spare o-rings, tools, operating manual and a system transit case.

SEBA F1 Hydrometrie Universal Current Meter - Alat Survey

SEBA F1 Hydrometrie Universal Current Meter

The SEBA - Universal Current Meter F1 serves for determination of current velocities in water courses, canals, rivers and the sea, for use with rods or as cable-suspended meter equipment from 0,025 m/s up to 10. The SEBA-Universal Current Meter F1 serves for use on rods as well as for cable-suspended- current meter equipments for use with SEBA single drum winches or cable way installations.The streamlined meterbody and the axle are manufactured of high-quality, non-corrosive steel.
The hub of the propeller is filled with oil and rotating in two special ball-bearings. The oil filling and a capillary seal protects against water entry. A base stop prevents the propeller from striking the ground. One signal is generated from each revolution of the propeller by means of a permanent magnet. Frictionless operation increases the sensitivity of the instrument. The contact mechanism is quickly interchangeable without problems. Instrument case Robust version made of aluminium, lockable, with three cover hinges, cover- and base plate made of resistent black ABS plastic. Dimensions: standard with compartment for counter 465 x 340 x 140 mm. Weight: case including equipment approx. 6 kg.
SEBA Universal F1 Standard packaged Included:
For use on rod or with sinker weight Meterbody made of non corrosive steel, with completely Watertight contact mechanism, Incl. Ground stop for propeller Ø 125 mm Incl. standard accessories (oil, tools and spare-parts) (without instrument case).

    Plastic propeller 125 mm Ø, 300 mm pitch Velocity range : 0,025 m/s … 10,0 m/s.
    Plastic propeller 80 mm Ø, 300 mm pitch Velocity range : 0,025 m/s … 10,0 m/s
    Ground stop for propeller Ø 80 mm
    Rod 20 mm Ø, 3 m long, 3 sections Made of non-corrosive steel, dm-graduation point and base plate without canvas bag
    Relocating Device For rod 20 mm Ø, 2m long, 2 sections made of aluminium
    Canvas Bag With carrying case strap for storage and transport of rods and relocating device
    Connection-cable, 2-cores, 4 m long, with plugs
    Calibration (standard) on rod 20 mm Ø, per propeller
    Velocity-table for standard calibration, per propeller
    Instrument – Case For storage and transport of before mentioned parts
    Velocity-table standard, per propeller
    SEBA Signal Counter Z-6 5-digit LCD-display, buzzer Preselectable counting periods in 10 sec. steps and with automatic switch –off Accuracy : time measurement 0.01 s, impulse counting 1 impulse maximum impulse frequency 40 impulses / s incl. CD-ROM and RS-232 interface cable

SEBA M1 Hydrometrie Mini Current Meter - Alat Survey

SEBA M1 Hydrometrie Mini Current Meter

The SEBA-Mini Current Meter M1 serves for determination of the current velocities in laboratories, river models, brooks, small rivers with low water level and for tubes with small diameters. Special advance: universal application; low starting speed; frictionless contact transmission; non-corrosive materials; unit composed system. Meterbody: The streamlined meterbody is made of high-quality non-corrosive steel. The shaft moves in 2 extremely smooth running precision ballbearings.
The oil filling and a capillary seal protects it against water entry. The propellers with high pitch accuracy are manufactured from seawater-resistent and anodized aluminium. They only will be put on and can be exchanged quickly. Contact transmission One signal is generated from each revolution of the propeller. The reedswitch for transmission of the propeller revolutions is composed within a small metal tube to a miniature construction unit. The counting frequency for the mechanical counter Z1 is limited to 10 impulses per second. By application of the electronical counter Z4 all flow velocities can be measured.
A complete current meter equipment comprises 6 propellers with 50 mm Ø resp. 30 mm Ø with diverse pitches . Depending on the requirement, the equipment can also be delivered with single propellers. Guiding device Generally a measurement will be effected on rod 9 mm Ø. This rod is manufactured from non-corrosive steel, in 3 parts and has a total length of 1,5 m. A base plate for the rod is attached. On request a cm-division and a dmgraduation of the rod is possible. For measurements on rod 20 mm Ø resp. with relocating device, a special clamp is available.
SEBA Mini Current Meter M1 Standard Packages:
Meterbody, made of high-quality non-corrosive steel exchangeable reed-contact, incl. 1 propeller 30 mm Æ pitch.

    50 mm of seawater resistant aluminium alloy, velocity range: 0.03 m/s ... 1.0 m/s
    Instrument-case with tools, spare part as 2 special ball bearings and special oil
    Standard calibration for on rod 9mm Æ, per propeller
    Velocity-table standard, per propeller
    Rod 9 mm Ø, 1.5 meters long, 3 sections, decimeter graduation, with detachable base. Cable, 2-cores, 4 meters long, with plugs, thimble and shackle
    SEBA Signal Counter Z-6 5-digit LCD-display, buzzer Preselectable counting periods in 10 sec. steps and with automatic switch –off Accuracy : time measurement 0.01 s, impulse counting 1 impulse maximum impulse frequency 40 impulses / s incl. CD-ROM and RS-232 interface cable

GENERAL OCEANICS 2031H Electronic Flow Meters - Alat Survey

GENERAL OCEANICS 2031H Electronic Flow Meters

Electronic flowmeters use magnets to actuate a solid-state hall-effect generator, creating a signal for processing by the 2135 Readout or 2135D - Direct Reading Software or can be used as a mechanical counter.
Model 2031H is a standard Electronic Flowmeter. Model 2031HR6 uses a high resolution rotor for low-speed operations.
Small and lightweight general purpose impeller instruments for use in open channel applications including, rivers, estuaries, canals, sewage outfalls, pipes, harbour entrances, offshore sites and in association with plankton nets and other samplers. These flowmeters have been used also as towed speed logs by some America's Cup contenders. Corrosion-free operation. Ballasted for dynamic in situ stability. Unlimited depth capability.
Standard order of Model 2031 H series electronic flowmeter includes rotor, universal bridle and pigtail (short length of cable and underwater connectorfor connection to readout cable). Order readout (Model 2135 or 2135D) additionally.

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